PLUTO: BTE's Server Watchdog

Version 1.12, 01/16/97

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So you took the plunge and put your information on the World Wide Web. Maybe you're even paying someone to serve your material off his server. Did you ever worry if your pages are accessible, or how often your Internet Service Provider takes his machine down?

If you rely on the World Wide Web to distribute your information or even sell your products, you cannot afford that your server is not responding. You probably invested a sizable amount of time and money to create your Web site. Wouldn't it be nice to have the peace of mind to know that your server is doing what you expect? Let PLUTO watch your server while you're tending to more important things.

PLUTO allows you to monitor the status of your WWW site! PLUTO is a Web robot, written in Perl, that is easily configured to monitor the accessibility of any site on the World Wide Web on a randomly periodic basis. It attempts to connect to a given site, sends a HTTP request, inspects the response, and writes the result to a log. PLUTO can be instructed to immediately send an e-mail message if an error occurs or wait until the end of the month to generate a report summarizing the availability of your site.

BenToni Enterprises will be distributing PLUTO as shareware. You can retrieve PLUTO exclusively from this site. You have the right to use it for 15 days free of charge for evaluation purposes. If you are using it after 15 days to monitor the Web site of a commercial entity you have to send a one-time fee of $10 for each commercial Web site you are monitoring. Non-commercial use is permitted free of charge.

To use PLUTO you will need:

If you don't feel comfortable with Perl or don't have access to a second computer we will be happy to monitor your site for a small monthly fee. Send us e-mail if you're interested in this service.

By the way, if you had chosen BenToni Enterprises as your Internet Presence Provider then continuous monitoring would be included in your monthly rates.

Download | Install | Usage | Error Codes | Reports